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This year i’m burnt Kabob.



Llu ar de tipical american calient!


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LoveHawk: Tattoo Art

David Hale is a tattoo artist in Athens, GA whose distinct visual style has made him well known throughout the world of tattooing. In this mini-doc, we are given a glimpse into his intentions and the motivation behind his art form. Scored by Caleb Lombardi.

Shot on a Canon t3i with a Canon 50mm 1.8 and a Sigma 30mm 1.4. Audio captured with Zoom h4n.

Adobe Kuler

Google glasses prototyping

Art... not even once

Poorly Drawn Lines

Black Is the Color – by Julia Gfrörer

See this… this is how it’s done.

No “you don’t look chunky, you look beautiful.”
No “you don’t look chunky” at all.

Just complete acceptance. Yeah, you look how you do, and how you look is beautiful. Mama gets it.

(Source : realitytvgifs, via redlightpornographiccc)